Personal Narrative Essay: The Kind Of Love

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It didn 't matter that this type of love I had for you was forbidden and unrequited, that someday others would notice these feelings or that you 'd never accept them, as long as I could continue being with you. Besides, I never could look at you as my big brother. To me, you were the only one who took care of me with all his might. No matter how things difficult got, you didn 't complain.
When I think back on the days we spent together, when I finally realized that the love I had for you was the kind of love that should not have been there, I laughed at how cruel it was. It was you who saved me from the emptiness. It was you who gave me a reason to smile. If you weren 't there for me I would have lost hope and hid into small dark box. You held
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You were the only person who I had a relationship with; my big brother, my friend, my imaginary lover. Growing up is hard, but in my dreams, I can still love you forever. And yet...
Those dreams have slowly turned into nightmares. Sooner or later I 'll go back to being that emotionless person I was, with no wishes or dreams. It 's useless. I can 't remember the kind of person I was when we were together. How was I able to laugh? How I was able to live a normal life? Onii-chan, please don’t leave me.
For one year, I had you all to myself. I can still remember how I was the center of your world, and to me you were mine. Our parents had to work day and night, they were so busy that at times they didn 't come home for weeks or even months. They didn’t bother about me. You cooked, cleaned and taught me everything from beginning to end. I never thought of how much a burden it was for you. It’s almost been two years since then, it feels like it’s been five since I’ve seen you.
With my hand on my cheek, looking out the window at the dark clouds that formed, I was lost in
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"Maybe because it 's human nature? If the thing we want is too easy to get, then there wouldn 't be any sense of satisfaction when we obtained it. But..."

He glanced at me. "Is this about your brother?"
"It 's like you can read my mind."
He licked his fingers. "I can." I kept my eyes on his tongue, as he cleared the crumbs from his hand. He glanced at me and grinned. "What? Mesmerized by my looks?"
"Yup," I replied bluntly. It couldn 't be helped. Ritsu had an erotic aura to him. Maybe it was because he had experience with girls, but his looks was definitely part of the equation. With middle-length light brown hair and green eyes, he 's had a lot of girls in school come after him. He has a piercing in each ear, giving him the carefree playboy vibe. But the truth was, he was more mature and hardworking than others.
Believe it or not, the reason the girls go after him is mostly because of the way he looks when studying or reading, not because of him being athletic. The diligent aura he gives off when reading during break is something the girls can’t keep their eyes

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