Narrative Essay About Love Takes Time

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Love takes time.

Love takes dedication.

But most of all, if you're not careful.

Love takes all.

I put my pen down as I finished my homework.

"Damn, that took waaay too long."

I stood up from my seat and jumped into my bed, messing up all the order that was there before.

"It's because of her."

I check my phone for messages, none received. I bury my face into a pillow.

It all started a year ago, I was classmates with this girl called Mio. At first, I didn't even pay attention to her. She's a very bland girl with nothing really particularly attractive about her. She's just…normal. Don't get me wrong, she doesn't look bad, but she doesn't look good either. Let's see, I don't even know how to describe her without her looking bad but I'm
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Two birds with one stone.

I live in the 2nd floor and Megu, a classmate, lives in the ground floor. Apparently she's been staying here longer than I am. Not like it matters. Megu's our student representative and for some reason, she always waits for me in front of our apartment's gate.

"Wow, Haru, you're up early today. I thought I had to knock on your door non-stop again."

The short girl with a short bob cut said with a bright smile. She has a fair complexion and a pretty face, the type that would be the "school idol".

"Shut up, Megu. That's the number one reason why I sometimes wake up with a bad mood."

I said as I continue my way towards her.

"Ehh? Is that how you treat your class rep?"

"Your position has nothing to do with it, plus, nobody told you to wake me up. I can wake up on my own."

She looks down with a faint smile.

"Let's go?"

I invite her.

"Sure. Let's go!"

She said with brightness on her face. I swear, this girl is just sunshine and rainbows.

The weather's clear and perfect. I wouldn't mind taking a longer route since we have the time. But Megu needs to be in the classroom as early as she can, so I didn't bring it
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The stares I'll be receiving and the teachers that will look at me as if I'm trying to run with her and continue our lives together is too damn high.

But does it even matter when the girl you love is in your arms and catching her breath?

No, it doesn't.

I rush to the Nurse's office, taking the easiest route which involves a staircase.

"Excuse me!"

I shout as I pave the way to the Nurse's office.

After almost a minute of people looking at me as if I'm some kind of kidnapper, I arrive in front of the office.

I put Mio down beside the sliding door.

"Hold on, I'll see if someone's inside."

Mio answered with a weak nod.

Seeing her like this is new, it's the first time I saw her this weak. Most of the time, she's independent, and knows what she's doing. It's more like she's the one being relied on. But now, she's relying on me.

I slide the door open and checked if there's someone inside.

"Is anyone in here?"

I said with urgency.


The school nurse stood up from her seat behind the curtains.

"What is it?"

She added.

"My friend here is breathing heavily, she might be experiencing asthma or something."

I pointed at

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