The Day I Shadowed Me Narrative

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I remember the day I shadowed to EC and what I was wearing. I was wearing a tannish dress button up and a blue long sleeve jean jacket. During, the whole day I didn't want to be there, I just wanted to stay at my old school in Wyckoff and not have to start all over. I walked in and the person who I was shadowing was there. I went to her first class with her. It was so boring and I hated it there. The end of the day comes around, and I was so happy that it was. The only reason I was going was because my Dad got the boys’ varsity basketball job at the school and he didn't want me going to Ramapo for high school so he started me at EC early. Over the summer I got into the middle school and I was forced to. I went to this basketball summer camp called Fast Break with one of my friends from Wyckoff. Luckily for, me she knew someone from Eastern Christian and she was there. We started talking, and we became friends. It made me feel better that I knew someone there. She started telling me about the people and how it works and I felt much of having to go to school there in the Fall. Like a blink of an eye It was fall and I had to go there. The first day is here and I have to take the bus to the high school to middle school. I hope on the bus and remember thinking Nikki better be there. …show more content…
I like it much better from when I shadowed, but I still like public school better I feel like I can relate to them more. The only thing that was better is that I got closer to God. I had a nice and funny friends. I acted sorta the same as I did at public school. The teachers were nicer and you can tell they really care about you and they are not just doing it for the paycheck. Yea you get the teachers you don't like but that just comes with any school. The thing I like the best was that there was not really a lot of bully. I have never got bullied, but I hate bullies and watching it

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