Persuasive Essay About Thanksgiving

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Having been at college for a month now, only eating what Decary has to offer and pizza, all I can think about is a home cooked meal. My all-time favorite home cooked meal is Thanksgiving dinner. My family is different to say the least when it comes to Thanksgiving. For instance, we don’t have one day of Thanksgiving, we have TWO. Yes, two whole days of seeing family and friends, cooking for hours on end and then finally eating as much as our stomachs can hold. It may be because I’m Italian, but I love to cook for people and when I think of food I think of the bringing together of people. Food is the glue that holds families together.
On the first day of Thanksgiving my immediate family travels down to Pembroke, MA. Where my dear Auntie Jo makes the whole Thanksgiving feast. Upon arrival, we are embraced with hugs and kisses and make our way into the family room as we wipe of the remanence of each aunt’s lipstick residue to our cheeks. As we get to the family room we are greeted with a cheese platter, olives, pizza dip and whatever other appetizer recipes she wants to try out that particular year. After stuffing myself with appetizers it’s time for the main event. The
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Once everyone is seated the feast begins. It’s chaotic at first as you are handed a billion different plates of food to fill your plate. After piling a mountain of food onto my plate we all start to eat. As we eat we all start to chat and reminisce over stories from the past. This is what I think of when I think of thanksgiving dinner. I love listening to all my family members tell stories of the stupid things they have done in the past. We all laugh until our bellies hurt. We tease and taunt each other until our plates are nearly clean. After we clear our plates from the table and pack up the leftovers to take home we all squish onto the couch and take a nap in preparation for the next

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