Persuasive Essay On How To Make Christmas

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Well time is flying by this year and Christmas is creeping up on us quicker than we thought! Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, after all it is the most wonderful time of the year! We get to spend time with our friends, family, and loved ones while enjoying presents from good old Santa Claus! If you didn't think that Christmas could get any better, take these tips into mind to make Christmas a bit merrier and cheerier this year!

1. Make a big Christmas breakfast: Who says Dinner has to be the only big and extravagant meal on Christmas Day?! Get up early and make a nice big breakfast for the whole family to enjoy before opening up all the presents! This will give them the energy to get excited about all of their presents and give the parents the time to get their coffee
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Bake Christmas Cookies: I love to spend time with the kids baking cookies! Nothing is better than the scent of a fresh baked cookie in the oven! It's great for spending quality time together and you can enjoy them as a dessert after dinner!

4. Bring Santa Claus in: To really get your kids excited and in the Christmas spirit, rent a Santa Claus suit and have a family friend or another family member to play Santa! This will really add to the Christmas experience and make your kiddos feel very special that Santa came to visit them for being good kids!

5. Go out and enjoy the snow: One thing my family sure loves to do on Christmas Day is go outside and enjoy the snow! Nothing is better than a White Christmas and it's great to enjoy that! We like to go out and build snow men and make snow angels! It is also usually breaks out in a friendly snow ball fight, we break into two teams and have a competition! LOL Afterwards we run inside and enjoy some nice hot cocoa!

**BONUS** Another bonus tip I like to do with my family to make the Holiday a bit more fun is to buy everyone Holiday themed pajamas to wear on Christmas Day! It really adds to the experience waking up on Christmas

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