Personal Narrative Essay On Attacks

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As the alarm clock blared for me to get up, I rolled out of my bed. Today was the day that marked one year since the attacks in Paris.

I arrived at Reagan High School to find banners everywhere. I lived in Washington D.C., so we cared a lot about terrorists’ attacks. All day, we talked about the attacks. I loved learning about history and current events, but these attacks were always hard for me to talk about. My mother was in the military, which is why we lived in D.C. She received orders to go to France to help with the refugees. Two days after she arrived, she was murdered by someone in the group who was part of these attacks.

“Hey, how are you holding up?” said Mr. White.

“I..I am ok. I...just was thinking,” I replied clutching the
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We went to the lotion shop, the jewelry cart, and the makeup store before finding our stomachs growling. We decided to go down to the 1st floor of the mall for fried chicken. I was about to bite down on a crispy wing when it all started. First, there were gunshots that sounded like they were coming from somewhere near the fountain just outside the restaurant. There were screams everywhere. We were about to get up when an explosion blew the front wall to pieces. As the glass rained down on me, I cried. All the tears that had built up were now falling. I looked over to find Maggie’s throat cut open by a huge shard of glass. Her eyes were open and she felt cold. Before I could react, I felt an enormous cool hand grab me by the shirt. I was flipped over and lifted off of the ground. I was staring into the unforgiving eyes of a tall man. I tried to scream, but nothing came out. The man said nothing, but I felt a rope secure my hands together behind my back. He then put a cloth over my face. The last words I heard before I blacked out were from the man. He yelled, “I do this for my brothers back in …show more content…
I was drenched in sweat. I had a horrible dream that about my execution. I was screaming as the knife went through my throat. Everywhere people screamed my name and laughed, “Alice.” Then I heard a strange sound. It was a high...almost...grinding sound.

I peered out the window to find a scene being set up. The sound I heard was a knife being sharpened. My thoughts were interrupted by the door flying open. It was none other than Allah.

“You have one phone call,” he said with a basic phone in his hand reached out toward me.

I took the phone and before I could ask a question, he left. Holding the phone, my mind was racing with people to call. Finally, I came to my senses and called my father. As I was waiting for him to pick up, I saw something sticking out from under the mattress. My curiosity took over, and I went over and pulled the unidentified object out from under the bed. It was a gun.

I heard my dad pick up on the other end. “Hello,” I heard him

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