9/11: The Impact Of The War On Terrorism

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In order to understand “War on Terror” and how it began, one must first go back to understand when it all began. On September 11, 2001 the country faced what has been one of the strongest attacks against America. On that day Americans first witnessed what would be something that would mark the country forever. The American life changed for good, people no longer felt protected or at peace. It was no longer the same; it was as though something had been taken away from them. Statistics show how on the day of the attack more than 3,000 people were killed, and more than 400 were police officers and firefighters. But it wasn’t just lives lost that day that scared the country, it was the attack against the nation that now over fourteen years, the country is still left facing and has continued to cause the lives of many.

On that same day of the attack former President Bush gave notice that the groups known as the Al-Qaeda were the ones associated with the attacks. That is when the country began to go to complete operation mode in protecting the nation and it’s people, and it began planning a war. It’s leader at the time President George W. Bush had made
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How much of the nation has categorized most Muslims to be a threat to the nation and that the nation of Islam itself is a threat to the world. When in fact there are plenty of innocent people who live there as well, and are forced to kill or sacrifice themselves as a suicide bomb. A war on terror that has lead the country to a global decline, in order to achieve power, control and security in this cold world. Where not only has our country suffered the death of innocents, but the nation of Iraq and Afghanistan have as well losing as estimation of up to 900,000 civilians. Civilians who were not all killed because they were accepting war, but because they were forced or were victims of

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