Personal Narrative Essay: My Future In 2030

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My Future in 2030

I am on my knees, my eyes are closed as I look down, training for a part of Martial Arts that is called ninjutsu. Ninjutsu is the traditional Japanese art of stealth, camouflage, and sabotage. Nowadays people still do it for protection and defense. Anyway, throughout my training, I have been looking forward to this day ever since I started a few years ago in 2026. My sensei circles me, keeping a very close eye on me with his dark and scary movements. Within my mind and soul I can sense his presence circling me. At any time now he will start attacking.

He charges at me from behind. My eyes shoot open as I shoot up and do a backflip, jumping over him in the process. When I land, I try to kick him in the back, but he blocks
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Their father had left to go to work. Since they were bored, I have decided to play with them. They were cute little ones that I really adore. I remembered my past life with my mother and father, and my siblings. I began to notice and compare them together. Now that technology had improved, I can do much more stuff then what I did in the past. Tempest had a little fake jetpack so that she can pretend to fly around. Lance didn’t have anything but himself which made me kind of feel bad for him if this were a real… police chase let's say; not saying that he would be bad in the future or so. Oh no, no, …show more content…
To be honest, I was just pretending that I couldn’t run as fast as them. Anyway, I started getting closer, and closer, and closer until--

“Guess who’s back!” my husband came out into our backyard and held out his arms. “Dad!” both Tempest and Lance yell, running at him and hugging him. I grin and walk over to them. Personally, I really don’t like hugs but if it is a family member, friend, or anyone that I know and love, I will accept it.

For the rest of that day, I have been working on a soundtrack of my own. I have also been doing other things like, taking a shower, singing and dancing with my family, punching some punching bags, and just practicing for other major things that are coming up for me. Sometimes I wonder about stuff like ‘When is ____ going to happen?’ or ‘I wonder how my family is doing right now.’

Don’t you sometimes wonder about certain stuff?
Sometimes don’t you wonder how you can do stuff that you probably thought you couldn’t do?

Well, I hope to see you later, reader. May we meet in real life. I may or may not be alive.

Love from, Melaney Ramirez

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