Personal Narrative: It Made Me Stronger

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It Made Me Stronger

“You don 't have what it takes. You can’t do it. you 're not good enough.” is all I heard ever since I was little. No one ever believed I could do something. When I was little I struggle a lot to fit in because I was just different than everyone else. Maybe I wasn 't so different, but everyone made it seem like I was. One of the first memories I have are of someone whom I seen like a father pushing me away because I wasn 't his daughter. Right in that second I realize that I didn 't have a father like all of my cousins and friends. I cried, yes, but it made me stronger. A few years later I got home from school and my mom receives me with a big news. “We are leaving to the United States. You will finally meet your father.
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On my first day here my cousin took me to my dad’s work to meet him. “That 's your dad right there. Go ahead and give him a hug.” I froze thinking “why should I give a hug to this stranger? I don 't know him. I don 't feel nothing for him. He 's just a stranger.” I was debating whether to give him a hug or not. He came and hug me and I was just in a deep silence. I was scared. The next day I woke up crying when I saw myself alone in a different country, I was terrified, but the experience made me stronger.
My first day of school I was really terrorized because I didn 't knew no one and because I didn 't speak English. I was an easy target for some of the kids because I couldn 't defend myself because of the language barrier. At this point school was more of a survival thing to me. I had a translator that would help me with everything for almost two years. Kids made fun of me they bullied me because I didn’t speak English, but that didn’t stop me from getting my learning.
“She so stupid, she will never learn English,” they
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Then came middle school. Middle school was hard, but i made it through. I attended a program named Star Academy. My family thought that it was a bad idea because in their minds I was not good enough to make it throught. I tried hard and prayed to prove them people who didn’t believed in me wrong. I passed everything with only A’s. Then the day of the program graduation I invited my family to come and see me as I walked the stage with a recognition on my hands. I looked at them in the eyes thinking “ I made it I proved you’ll

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