Disneyland-Personal Narrative

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When I arrived at the airport the whole family stood there waiting for me. Theresa, who was the mother of the three kids Elizabeth, Daniel and Kyle, was holding a sign saying 'WELCOME TO USA'.

-I know, I said it was cheesy with the sign but she insisted.. Daniel said.

I laughed and then we all introduced ourselves. Daniel and Elizabeth was twins and 15 years old, the same age as me. Kyle was 13 years old. Daniel had really dark brown hair and big brown eyes, Elizabeth and Daniel didn't look much alike beside they had the same hair color. Elizabeth had green eyes and freckles. Kyle was the youngest but he was really tall, I'm not entirely sure but I think he was taller than Daniel. Kyle had chocolate brown hair and green eyes. Theresa looked
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We ate sandwiches for breakfast. We were all really excited. They had all been there before but I mean how are you not excited by going to disneyland? Everybody except Teresa went on almost every ride. Teresa said she was not a really big fan of carousels. The queue was very long to almost every ride but every minute of waiting was so worth it. I saw many disney princesses and princes and thought of how awesome it would be to work as a princess at disneyland. Our feet started to hurt after we had been there for a couple of hours so we took a break and ate food. We ate at a cute restaurant with sea view and many fairylights in the ceiling. It almost looked like stars. I ate fish and chips. We went on more roller coasters and a couple of hours before closing time we went to the stores. I bought -too many- stuffed animals, I’m obsessed with stuffed animals. I also bought souvenirs to my family and friends. When we came home we were all exhausted and tired. I went to bed almost right away. This had totally been one of the best days …show more content…
I wish I could have stayed longer. Anyway, we were now on our way to Universal Studios. They were going to have a big parade to celebrate thanksgiving. I ate sandwiches and bacon for breakfast. When we arrived, we went on many roller coasters and had so much fun. The parade was so awesome. The most awesome thing about Universal Studios was the Harry Potter part. We spent much of the time in Hogsmeade. I bought Bertie Botts Beans to myself, my friends and my family. When we came home we ate stuffed turkey and mashed potatoes. Teresa had baked bread that were really nice. We had a really cosy night in their backyard. We grilled marshmallows and dipped them in chocolate. We also had crackers and made s’mores. Teresa told me that it’s kinda a tradition in their family to make s’mores on thanksgiving. I told them about walpurgis night in Sweden and that it is similar to Bonfire night but the difference is that they are celebrated for different reasons. This had been a really great

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