Personal Narrative: An Outsider

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An Outsider
“I wish you could see all the pain and emotion that is built up inside me.” My school and social life was very different in elementary school than how it is now. Back to kindergarten all throughout elementary and a bit of 6th grade, I was in so much emotional pain. I wasn’t happy with my appearance or body, I would always put myself down, had zero confidence in myself and hated who I was. There was a point where I believed everyone who left me out, and made fun of me. I believed their comments and why they didn’t accept me. I was an Outsider. When I started kindergarten, I was so excited to learn and make new friends but making new friends and fitting in wasn’t what happened. Everybody judged the way I appeared. They made fun
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The headbands were the same type one of my classmates had. One day I decided to wear one of the headbands to school. When I got to school, the day was going great but when it came to lunch something happened all too quickly. I was running around with one of my best friends on this hill by a swing set, then suddenly the classmate that had the same headbands as me ran and ripped my headband off my head! She ripped it off my head, threw it down the hill and it broke in half. Once she threw it down the hill she looked at me, started yelling at my face, saying I stole her headband and then left. I felt bad and so confused because, I brought it from home. After this happened I walked down the hill, picked up the broken headband and started walking back to class. I remember as I was walking, I walked back with slouched shoulders and my head down. My day turned upside down. We had cubbies in kindergarten, so I went to my cubby to put the broken headband in it. I felt angry because when I looked at my classmate’s cubby her headband was just there. No I didn’t go and steal it or break it like she did to mine. I’m not that type of person. For an unknown reason she did a bunch of things to me although I was always kind to her. I remember all those events because it always makes me feel sad. She was the same person who later in the year pulled my hair and slapped me for no reason. Goodness, I didn’t see those things coming towards me, I never did anything for people to hurt

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