Personal Narrative: An Interview With Tina Nabors

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For my faculty interview, my original professor canceled on me, so I had the privilege of interviewing Ms. Tina Nabors. I thought I knew a lot about Ms. Tina, but I found out I really did not. I learned that she was appointed to the LCF leader position because her previous boss believed that she would be a good fit for LCF program when it was first created. She has always enjoyed working with students so it came natural to her. She really enjoys getting to hang out and bond with the incoming freshmen as well as other students. She says that she really wants to see all of us do great things in life, so she advises students not to make the same mistakes as she did. She has her degree is in management and international business and she attended the University of West Florida for two years. After her sophomore year, she decided to drop out of college and get a job. Eight years later, she landed a job here at AUM and after a while she decide to continue with her education so she took night classes here AUM and a few years later, she finally graduated from AUM.
I learned that Computer Science is becoming a more common major since technology is advancing so much. Ms. Tina informed me that there are actually several other LCF students who are Computer Science majors. She also gave me a list of names of current upperclassmen students who are former LCF members who are pursuing a degree in Computer Science and she told me to contact them if I had any questions.

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