Personal Narrative: A Summer Job

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A Summer Job Being the headstrong 15-year-old girl I was, I wanted a job. Not just any job; I wanted to be a lifeguard. To this day, I couldn’t tell you why I had my heart set so profoundly on it, but I did. The idea of saving people’s lives and hanging out in the sun all day had fully grasped my attention and I wasn’t letting go. So I endured the multiple 8-hour classes and training it required, with very high expectations in mind. I thought to myself, what a fun and rewarding way to spend my summer free time. Little did I know what I was actually getting myself into. When you think lifeguard you think easy, right? You think, sunshine and summer fun. When I think lifeguard I think onerous. When deciding a place to work at, of course, I choose the one that …show more content…
Each day had its own new challenges it liked to throw at me. From irresponsible adults who try to drop their kids off at the pool and leave to kids who couldn’t swim and jump into the deep end, to even families who lacked at least one family member could speak English. My pool was a single guard pool with approximately two guards. Two guards to switch on and off all summer. With that being said, my biggest challenge there was giving up my entire summer for this place and working at the least 5-hour shifts every single day. I’d be lying to you if I told you quitting didn’t cross my mind every time I woke up at 8 am each bright summer morning. How I never got to see my friends because every free moment I had was spent there. How badly I wanted to quit and just be a kid, and enjoy my summer, but I couldn’t. As I said, there were two guards, me and Carter. If I quit, that would leave them single guarded. It would lead them to have to close down the pool for the reason I decided to not do a job I already gave my word to. As much as I absolutely hated it there, my words and my pride came out above

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