Personal Narrative : A Life Of Adventure Essay

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A life of Adventure
This morning as I knocked on the door to my fiancés apartment and her roommate Margarita answers the door. I don’t know if it is normal in the Ukraine to let your friends stand out in the cold, but after a few awkward moments she let me in the door. Over the past several weeks I have gotten know Margarita, and though we have extremely different lifestyles, and I have come to admire her adventurous spirit. She has a passion to visit foreign places, she has a thirst for knowledge that few possess and she doesn’t let anything stand in her way.
Margarita turned is seventeen and has seen more of the world than most people do in their entire lives. She is the only child of her parents and they are extremely close. She loves to talk of their travels across Europe and the many places they have been to together. It comes as no surprise that she has visited over fifteen countries and four continents. She told me that Paris was her favorite place that she has visited so far, but her dream is to eventually live in England. Traveling with her family has instilled a desire to learn as much as she can about the world and everything it has to offer. This is one of the reasons she traveled across the world to attend college in a foreign country and in a foreign language. But she won’t let this stop her from excelling.
It has been a whole new adventure for her to adjust to life in the United States. She arrived here just before Christmas and celebrated it alone in her…

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