What Is The Representation Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan

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Representation of Two Kinds
In “Two Kinds”, Amy Tan writes about a relationship between a mother and a daughter.
Jing Mei’s mother strives to persuade her daughter to become famous, but Jing Mei just wants to be herself and make her own decisions. Jing Mei’s mother knows what great opportunities are provided for her daughter because of the “American Dream”. The mother hopes Jing Mei will be a successful prodigy and even refers her as a future “Chinese Shirley Temple”. When Jing Mei’s acting career fails her mother decides that she should become a pianist. Jing Mei follows the dreams her mother has for her first but then slowly turns against them and begins to strive to create a life for herself. “I won’t let her change me, I promised
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Jing Mei’s mother tries to provide every opportunity she can to help her daughter become successful. She exchanges house cleaning services with Mr. Chong for piano lessons. Even though it was difficult for Mr. Chong because is blind and deaf he teaches Jing-Mei the basics to playing the piano. Jing Mei would purposely play as bad as she could to try and prove a point to her mother. Despite the fact Jing Mei was uncooperative and fought the thought of being a successful pianist her mother boasts about her daughter which only caused Jing Mei to resent the idea even more. Jing Mei spends more time fighting her mothers ideas because she wants to create her own life and become successful in something she is interested in so she spends all of Smith 2 her time when she should be practicing intentionally playing badly.

Jing Mei’s mother comes up with enough money to buy a secondhand piano for
Jing Mei in hopes it would help her strive to be successful. Jing Mei is set to play a song at the church talent show but hasn’t practiced nor does she know the piece she is supposed to play.
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Jing Mei feels that after her the performance her mother’s dream will end and she will no longer have to practice but she was wrong. She tells her mother she will never be the daughter that she wants her to be. Her mother states that there is two types of daughters: those who are obedient and the ones who follow their own minds. Jing Mei feels that her mother has given up all hope for her to be successful because she chose to ignore her mothers dream for her. At the end of the story Jing Mei talks about two songs she played and about her connection with each of them. It wasn’t until after her mothers death that Jing Mei realized what her mother had wanted for her. Jing Mei’s mother wants her to be successful so she doesn’t have to undergo the hardships that she did. After looking over the two songs
“Pleading Child” and “Perfectly Contented” she realizes that the songs bring together the theme of tension between mothers and daughters and the fight between being successful on your own or becoming what your family hopes for you.

Amy Tans “Two Kinds” tells the story of a battle between a mother and daughter

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