Parenting Across Cultures The Different Ways We Raise Our Children Analysis

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Summary and Reflection
The video “Parenting Across Cultures: The Different Ways We Raise Our Children”, discusses how immigrant parents raise their children in a Western society, as well as the struggles parents face to adjust to the new environment. Furthermore, the video discusses the challenges children of immigrant household face. The video brought up a lot of interesting points about culture and the ways parents choose to raise their children. Many immigrant parents were born and raised in traditional societies and are unaware of the Western culture and ideals, therefore it is more difficult for parents to adjust than their children. Often times there is a culture clash and immigrant parents want their children to keep the traditional culture, rather than completely
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She immigrated to America when she was four years old, therefore she identifies with the American culture more than her Mexican culture. What she found most challenging about immigrating into America was her parents working long hours to make ends meet. She wishes should would have spent more time with them growing up. Furthermore, another challenge growing up was her having to do her homework by herself because her parents only spoke Spanish. She believes all the sacrifices her parent made to come into America was worth it because she got a good education and is now a college student. She explained that her parents are proud of her accomplishments and cannot wait to see their daughter graduate. The only thing she would change, would be that her parents would have had an opportunity to pursue an education, but since they are constantly working, going to school was not possible. I also asked if she has ever felt discriminated against, and she said yes, once when she went to a restaurant with her family, they were all speaking Spanish, and the waitress was being rude and telling them they should speak “English it’s

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