Personal History And Psychology And Criminal Behavior Essay

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Personal History I was born in Chattanooga, TN on March 18th 1992. I have one sibling, a brother that was born in 1993 in September. My parents married young and have been together for 20+ years now. My mother is a flight attendant and my father works on computers. Even though, my parents love each other they often argue a lot and to be quite honest I don’t remember much of my childhood. The memories are vague. I do, however remember spending time with my great-grandmother and she was truly inspirational. She really helped my personality flourish. We often use to watch cop shows and judge shows. Perhaps, this is why I have an interest in Psychology and Criminal behavior. I remember she was a strong woman, even after losing her husband she never remarried. Even when a man that came into her world and wanted to give her everything, she still wouldn’t. Just proves to show that true love is out there and something that I long to experience sometime in my life-time. After she lost her husband, she was not only strong but extremely head-strong, stubborn and independent. I looked up to her and thought she was a great role model. Today, I find myself head-strong, stubborn and learning to get back on my own feet again and I like to believe my great-grandmother helped shaped my personality to how it is now. I could say I am a hopeless romantic and longed to find my one true soul-mate. I thought I found him…

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