Class Activities: Causes Of Crime

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This writing assignment contains the following three chapter topics: (a) “Types of Crime”, (b) “Causes of Crime”, and (c) “Criminal Law and Defenses”. This writing assignment contains the following three classroom activities: (a) class presentation, (b) video, and (c) class activity. Three Class Activities The first class activity was a presentation given week two to our class, by a fellow classmate. In the presentation, she talked about how her mom and her moved to Los Angeles because her mom wanted to be famous. In order to make money, her mom would rent out several room. The rooms were rented out to mostly male individuals. She told the class that some of the individuals they rented rooms to would rape her. She told her mom what was …show more content…
The video went over his criminal life and how it all ended. Dahmer was eighteen when he killed his first victim, an eighteen year old hitchhiker named Steven Mark Hicks. The two went back to Dahmer’s house for drinks. After some time had passed, Hicks wanted to leave, but Jeffrey did not want him to go. At that point, Dahmer hit Hicks over the head with a dumbbell knocking him out. Once unconscious, Dahmer strangled him with the dumbbell bar until Hicks was dead. A year after Dahmer’s first murder, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, but his alcohol abuse would have him formally discharged from the army. In 1987, Jeffrey Dahmer would begin his killing spree that lasted until 1991. In between those years, Dahmer would go on to kill 16 individuals. Most of Dahmer’s victims were killed via strangulation and some died from the acid or boiling water he would inject into his victims. In Dahmer’s later murders, he would involve necrophilia and cannibalism. On July 22, 1991, Tracy Edwards was able to escape from Dahmer and flag down two Milwaukie police officers. Edwards lead the officers back to Dahmer’s apartment where they discovered polaroid pictures of Dahmer’s victims along with body parts that ranged from heads, limbs, a torso and two entire skeletons. Jeffrey Dahmer was sentenced to a 16th term of life in prison on May 1, 1992 and on November 28, 1994 Christopher Scarver killed …show more content…
For example the crime index is an official measurement of the most serious crimes known as Part 1 offenses. Part 1 offense crimes consist of these felonies: murder and nonnegligent, manslaughter, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and arson. In this chapter an individual can also learn the percentage of victims affected by certain crimes and if those crimes have gone up, down or remained the same over the years. The second chapter topic is Causes of Crime. The author states “Many of the same biological, psychological, and sociological factors that produce criminal behavior are related to why people become victims” (Masters et al., 99)
This chapter is important because it clarifies why crimes are committed. For example teenagers who make bad decisions is a result of there prefrontal cortex area of the brain that is not fully developed, which is a result of poor impulse. Another example is mental illness such as schizophrenia that causes the individual to suffer from hallucinations and delusions. Schizophrenia can also cause the individual to hear voice, which can cause the individual to hurt someone because of what the voices said. The final chapter topic is Criminal Law and Defenses. The author states “Laws are formal rules of conduct sanctioned by the state”. (Masters et al.,

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