Cause And Effect Essay On Death Penalty

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Two wrongs don’t make a right, right? We’ve all heard that growing up, whether it was from a teacher, a parent or a television show. That saying may be one of the best arguments against death penalty. Can we properly condemn a murderer by committing the same crime against him? It’s necessary to examine why select prisoners end up on death row in certain states in America. There’s many factors that cause it; the crime, the motive and the environment. There’s also many effects that come from death penalty like; the psychological effect it has on the prisoners, families, and society in general. The immediate cause of death penalty is obviously the crime being done in the first place. Since death penalty is handled at a statewide level in the United States. The crime committed that makes a prisoner eligible for death penalty is typically murder, but in certain states sexual abuse of a minor and kidnapping is also on the list. It typically is premeditated murder, meaning that it was planned out. It’s easier to charged a prisoner with death penalty if they admit to going into the crime with the intent to kill. In …show more content…
That’s a question that is still bothering psychologists today. There’s many factors that lead to that, all of those factors counting as indirect causes of death penalty. Crime, by definition, is any action or activity punishable by law. Studies show that those who grow up in low-income households and well as, with parents whom suffer from substance-abuse are most likely to commit a crime. The idea that the environment of which one grows up in contributes to their drive to break the law is widely accepted around the states. Poverty, neglectful parents, drug abuse, low-self esteem, no education, and alcohol abuse starting at a young age can not only alter brain chemistry but also can damage one’s judgement. It’s believed that there’d be less of a motivation, a need, to commit crime if one was satisfied with their

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