Personal Experiences And Leadership Skills Essay example

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Both personal experiences and leadership opportunities have motivated me to pursue the development of my leadership skills. To begin with, I have been interested in leadership opportunities that are offered or that can be created since I was a young student. In elementary school I searched for ways to get involved. In grade 4, I was a Kindergarten Playground monitor. Once a week, I would go outside to play with the Kindergarten students, help them get dressed for outdoors and assist them if they needed to go elsewhere. From grade 5 to grade 8, I was a lunchtime class monitor, supervising the primary students, helping them open up any packages and yet again, assist them in getting ready to play outside. In addition, in grade 6 I sold the milk and popcorn our school had available to purchase. Throughout my entire elementary school career, I was involved with talent shows, assemblies, Home and School events and registration days. Being involved with all these opportunities, I gained various skills: initiative, organization, responsibility, collaboration and creativity.
I think that initiative comes to me pretty naturally. I always try my hardest to get things done perfectly because I do not like failing despite the best lessons learned come from failure. I had to try the hardest on forming organizational skills and habits. Something I struggle with is I always bite off more than I can chew. When I do this, I eventually get overwhelmed when I have so much to complete and…

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