Group Leadership Reflection Paper

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For the group leadership activity, my three classmates and I chose to lead and teach a small group about cultural competence, relationships, and bystander behavior, topics we decided on at our first group meeting. Besides the bystander behavior topic, each person in my group agreed to teach a sub-topic related to either relationships or cultural competence. Within the relationship topic, Chelsey agreed to teach about unhealthy and healthy relationships and Graecie agreed to teach about bystander behavior. Within cultural competence, I taught participants about cultural differences: especially how to approach someone from a different culture without offending them, and Shelby taught about how to respond when a person asks you about your
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For instance, everyone in my group had to take a leadership role. During the process of deciding what topic needed to be implemented, we worked as a group, where we exchanged ideas and raised concerns that benefited each leader. Among us leaders, there were those that were quiet and those that seemed to be assertive about points. The quiet leaders seemed to be fine with anything that other leaders decided to do. I also learn that in order to be a good leader, listening is a key. If each lead member in my group did not welcome others’ ideas, I do not think we would had been able to lead the group effectively. After each leader in my group had a topic, we helped each other by brainstorming different ideas, creating activities for each topic. I learned that being a leader does not mean that one knows everything. Leaders have people behind them to help them do their job effectively, without anyone knowing. For me, personally, without the help and support from my group, my presentation would not be that fascinating. Another message is that, when working with others in a group, it is good to be humble, putting one’s own biases and beliefs aside. Also, practice helps one do better. Every group leader in my group practiced how we were going to present our

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