The Strongest Grandmother Alive Analysis

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The Strongest Grandmother Alive To have a full appreciation and gratification of this personal essay you first have to understand my family upbringing. As a child my immediate family was always much closer to my mothers side of the family than my dads side. With my mothers family we religiously came together as a family for days full of loving and also our fair share of fighting with each other. However, it was much different with my dad’s side of the family. As a child I only saw that side of my family at Christmas, on my birthday, and the occasional run-in at the grocery store. With that being said my mother’s parents divorced when my mom was thirteen with four younger siblings. My Grandmother can be described as perseverant, hardworking, …show more content…
Being on disability and having a physical limitation given to her from a doctor meant that my grandmother would not be able to get a job or be as active as she used to be in her daily life. These limitations certainly did not fit into my grandmother’s plan of her future. Over the next six years I’ve watched my grandma persevere to get back to the way of life she wanted for herself. In the dawn of her recovery she reluctantly took the doctors advice and got people to help her simple tasks such as bringing in groceries from her car. After going through a lost stage trying to find hobbies to occupy her time, my grandma began to make our family more involved with each other. After a while, my grandmother found a way to occupy all of her free time and spend time with my family by being the manager of the concession stands at the softball fields all my cousins played at. To make a little spending money for high school I worked at these concessions under my grandmother. At this time I got to spend a plethora of valuable time with grandmother, which is when I gained a major appreciation for the battle she had fought with …show more content…
Working in the concession stands I was given the privilege of listening to many of my grandmother’s insightful stories. One of the most moving stories that I can recall is the story of when my grandmother had to move in with my aunt and her two daughters because she couldn’t no longer support herself financial and was struggling physically. My grandmother referred to this transition as the most difficult moment of the recovery process. The owner of the trailer revoked the lease my grandmother had on the trailer she was living in while my aunt’s trailer was inadequate size and could not accommodate all four people. My aunt and grandmother decided to finance a trailer together. The decision between my aunt and grandmother caused turmoil in my family because other members of my family believed that my aunt was using my grandmother’s situation just to benefit herself. I remember the look of recollection on my grandmother’s face when she recited the story of her trying to dissolve the drama between her children. She was reminded of the many sleepless and tearful nights thinking of how her life was falling apart in front of her eyes and there was nothing she could do to get out of the rut she had fallen into. In her journey to bring peace back to my family my grandmother enlisted my father to take her to a financial advisor to review her situation and make sure she was going to

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