Family: A Personal Definition Of Family

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Personal definition of family The definition of Family is many things from being blood or even a friend. Knowing someone by the same blood makes you family. A close friend can be considered family too you can consider yourself family with someone you are close to, Personally know, and if you both are there for each other. In my opinion family means people that you have that you comfortable being with, able to tell them anything, and people you love. Family can mean many things like someone you love or someone who takes care of you but i think family means more than just someone you love or that takes care of you.

Recipe of what makes a family The top 5 things about about my family is many cool and fun things. First, everyone respects
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For example, no one thinks they are better or higher than another. Second, We all love each other and would do many things for each other. When my grandma or grandpa ask for help no one hesitates to get up and help, we all jump up and asked what she needs. Third, All the grown ups set a great example to the younger kids. The grown ups teach them what is right and wrong and if someone does a bad thing they teach them that there are consequences. Fourth, we all put family first infront of everything. For example, no one thinks just about themselves, we will help other people before helping ourselves. Fifth, we go on cool road trips to places. We go to Las Vegas every year once as a family or we go to the beach and rent a beach house for everyone to stay in. The top 5 things not so good about my family are a few but we are still family. First, my family is very loud. They …show more content…
One of the things we do as a family is we eat together, Sometimes my mom will wait for us to eat dinner so we can eat all together. Everyone sunday my dad cooks food on the grill or smoker, the food usually gets done when i am at church every sunday. My parents will wait for me to get back so we can eat as a family. The types of food my dad and my mom makes are 7 different things. The first one is chicken or meat with barbecue sauce on them, That is what my dad cooks on the grill. My mom makes beans, corn, potatoes, and salad. Another thing we do as a family is we go to the gym together. We all wake up at 3:00am and get ready to go to the gym. After the gym we go home and take showers then go back to sleep for a little while. A third thing we do as a family is we work on my grandpa's truck together. My grandpa has a 1952 chevy pickup truck. We costumixed it to to put in car show. Somethings we did to the truck are we dropped the top about an inch. Second, we put a new paint job on it, The color is a red candy color. Third, we took out the seats inside and the dash board and put a whole new inside and wiring. Fourth, we put the truck so it can tilt side to side and changed engine and fixed the bed. Now we put the truck in car shows, so far we have won so many trophies that there is not even space for anymore. The last thing we do as a family is we go on road trips, sometimes we even bring our RV to camp in. Some

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