Circumplex Model Of My Family

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My family is like a hand made, home cooked lasagna. Each layer of the lasagna represents the different people and different personality types that make up our family. On our own, we are independent people and can thrive just fine, but together we make something pretty special. This is similar to a lasagna, to just eat the meat or the noodles, they taste okay but there is nothing better than the meat, noodles, cheeses, and sauce all combined and cooked to perfection.
Lasagna Layers
Each of the subsystems represent a different layer, because eventually we all end up getting kind of squished together. The subsystem that I see happen more frequently as we get older, is our ‘new’ families within our family of origin. My older brother
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My mom is typically the leader, but again depending on the situation, others rise and take charge. If it’s not my mom taking the lead, it’s usually my older brother or dad, or any combination of two out of the three of them. They are not the sole decision makers but they are the ones that take charge and lead the family.
Our family is also very connected and cohesive. We are always involved and supportive of each other. Growing up, we always had to be at each other’s sport games, award shows, and concerts. It wasn’t an option or a choice if you could go, and we always knew we were expected to be there. My parents instilled in all of us how important family is and that’s something we all still value. Even though we’ve gotten older and have families of our own, we are still supportive of each other in other ways. When someone needs help moving or working on their house, we are more than willing to help each other. I also think we give each other a good amount of independence too. It’s always family first but we allow each other to work out problems on our own and are able to have a balance that works for us between connection and

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