Personal Essay On My Michigan Hero

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My Michigan Hero is my mom. Her name is Kristin Herman, and she inspires me in way no one else can or will. She has 3 kids; me, my 6 year old sister, and my 17 year old sister. Handling all three of us is definitely a challenge, and she does that excellently. My mom always makes sure to put us as her first priority and make sure we are happy, even if she isn’t. I would not be able to handle everything like she does. No matter the circumstances she is always there for me and my sisters. I know even if all of my friends left I would still have a best friend. My mom has amazing artistic abilities, and she is also intelligent. She loves music the way I do, which is where I get it from. When she encounters a problem she has her own way
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If I didn’t have my mom in my life, first of all, I wouldn’t be alive. Secondly, I would be nowhere near where I am today. My mom has helped me throughout my whole life; from helping me with solving 2+2, to helping me with algebra. From helping me read, to helping me pick out specific words to take out of an essay. Without my mom in my life, I wouldn’t know what to do in certain situations. She is more like my best friend. She can always tell when there is something wrong and knows just the way to make everything better. My mom has taught me how to handle situations, educationally, and has also helped me focus on my future. She likes to check in with me and ask me thing like how school is going, what I am interested in, and if I need any help figuring things out. How much my mom cares for me and my sisters means a lot to me, and if I didn’t have this in my life I would feel like I have only a little amount of people that truly care for me. All of these qualities make my mom my hero. She is intelligent, caring, loving, and cares for her children like she cares for no one else. She inspires me to do my best at everything and to never give up. If I feel like quitting, sometimes I will ask myself what she would do in a situation

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