What Does My Mom Mean To Me

Mothers inspire children to achieve any goal placed on them; my mother is no exception. They are the foundation of the millions of children in the world, who look to find support in a being that we call, mom. Although the journey is not always perfect, I, like many other individuals, am forever grateful for the mother that raised me. When I was younger, I was bowlegged, my mother thought it was best to deal with the situation now, rather than live a difficult life full of ridicules and challenges. At the age of two, my mother made the hardest decision any mother could make; send their child away to deal with a medical situation. For three months ', I lived in constant agony from having to wear the braces designed just for me. They were silver …show more content…
(Seriously, I tried writing the list down and lets just say, more than one piece of paper was needed). She has influenced my life to be the best with her constant support, making me hope to one-day come close to being just like her. As I see her get up every morning to go to work, even on the most awful of days, she does her duties for the family she is trying to support. This in turn motivates me to be the best, not for myself, but for my mom. I hope to one day make her proud of the woman I have become, from the choices I have made, to the academic and athletic feats I have accomplished. Each day as my mother rises; I realize the opportunities I was given, that she wishes were present during her time. Opportunities that are stressed on me to fulfill, only for the well being of myself. At times, I never understood her constant support for things that seemed mediocre, and then I realized the reasons for the constant push; she was not so “privileged” growing up. Her youth was set with limits, from her parent to her country, limits she hoped would never interfere with the person she hoped I would one day be. So every task is done with a purpose, to become successful for my mother. Which would one day leave her with no option, but to relax and enjoy the women she helped nourish and

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