Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cedar Point

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My trip to cedar point

When i went to cedar point it was the trip for the whole band what i saw there fun games, people, there bug problem, and awesome rides. we got to pick our groups to. i picked me, colin, cameron, and matt. we left in the summer to cedar point around 5:00 in the morning in a regular school bus i was hoping for a charter bus though so i could go to sleep easier.

The first thing i smelt when we finally got to cedar point was chicken and fries the one thing i liked was free drink because of our bracelets.but it was a long time it took like 3 hours to get there and when we did we had to wait another 30 minutes to get our tickets and bracelets for cedar point. we came on the perfect day because it was hot outside and bright.
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we won the race because the cedar point train came through and split their group so they had to wait for the train to pass. but we saw amish people we saw other schools there we saw a lot of different type of people but the most i did on our way to rides even though it's bad for you i kept getting cokes i had at least 15 cokes in one day maybe …show more content…
and when we left around 10:00 or 11:00 at night and every body decided to sleep on the bus floor. but after the driver seen it they told us to get up and we stopped at mcdonalds for a bathroom break. but we just bought food instead and we had another 30 minutes in mcdonalds and we all headed back to the bus to go home. another 2-3 hours later we made it back in frankton and me, and matt stayed at colin’s because he lives in frankton so we went to sleep there

out of every roller coaster there i liked the gatekeeper because it goes upside down and that was the funnest amusement park i ever went to i loved it because it was nice out got to ride a lot of rides and free fountain drinks and i'm hoping to go

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