Creative Writing: Lonely And Broken

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Lonely and Broken
By. Aniya crump

I was a lonely child when I was little and to this day. My dad was in the military and died a month after I was born. I guess I could say that I met him, but I don’t remember him at all. My mom was working so hard over the years to provide for us , but one night I guess the stress ate her up completely and she died in her sleep. I was only 5 years old , so I lived with my grandma. My grandpa died before I was born, so when my grandma died when I was 15 ,I was completely alone. Although, I did have my childhood friend. Her name is Blaze, she is the only person that has ever tried to get to know me. We met one day in second grade. I was sitting by a tree and she just came up to me and told me I was antisocial and should talk more often . It was true though, I was known has Autumn the weird socially awkward girl. Ever since that moment we became friends.
A year has past since my grandma’s death. It
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Everleigh and I have met up a couple times at the park. Everleigh seems the same when I met her, deep in thought, sad. But, she still has the same smile on her face while she talks me. Blaze and I where walking to the coffee shop. We took the route which passed by the meadow. While passing the gate we saw that it was surrounded by caution tape and the police surrounded the area. All the police where surrounding the tree. Maybe everleigh jumped off and broke her arm. Maybe a kitten got stuck up a tree.We finally got to the coffee shop. People were crying, they must’ve been Everleigh’s family, but I didn’t see Everleigh.
“Hi, Gilbert, where everleigh?” My eyes wondered around the whole place and there was no sign of her.
“She hung herself on that tree in the park,” he said while whiping off the tear that came down his cheek.
I didn’t know what to do . My hands where shaking, my heart was beating fast, the world around me was spinning, I was sweating. Black, that’s all that I saw

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