Charlotte's Frozen Charlotte

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The majority of the book Frozen Charlotte was based on the isle of Skye in Scotland. The beginning of the book took place in the United Kingdom. Then the main character goes to visit family on the isle of Skye. The main character,Sophie goes to this place that is near Cliff at the beach of black sand. The time isn't specified but it's based on the present because they are smartphones.

Shy but sweet young girl about the age of 15 years old who was currently devastated about her best friend's death and went to visit her cousins in the Isle of Skye. she finds herself starting to believe that she can see her littlest cousin Rebecca and the dolls at night and can hear them calling her name. She, Lilas, and Cameron are the only ones
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Cameron is lielasus protector, but the first to be blamed if something happened. Cameron didn't like Sophie and always pushed past or held a conversation for a few moments. Soon became her friend and help with what was all going on in the house. when he saw Rebecca he was completely shocked when he knew the girls had been right.

A girl with the same age as Sophie who always had something to hide but acted like nothing was wrong. she knew the real reason 2 what happened to Rebecca. but always said it was a “ fatal accident”. Piper has once faith Sophie's suicide by writing a letter over and over until she had matched it perfectly with Sophie's handwriting and speaking just like her on a voice mail to your parents. when Piper had found out that Sophie, Cameron, and Lila's knew the truth, she went even
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“And thanks for holding my hand when the Lights Went Out.” he gave me a sharp look, “ I didn't hold your hand.” a prickly feeling started to creep over my skin. “ yes, you did.” “ Sophie, I didn't. you must have you must have imagined it. it would pretty crazy in there.”

But he was already striding towards the door, and although she tried to stop him from entering the room he pushed past her roughly. I hurried and after him and gasped, broken keys, cut strings, splinters of glossy wood, someone had done their very best to destroy Cameron's piano.

“My best friend died,” I said finally managing to say the words, “before I came here.” Cameron frowned, “yes, I know,” he said, “and I'm sorry but I don't see what that-,” “we were at this Cafe messing around with a Ouija board app, on his phone,” I said, “when Jay asked me who we should speak to, I said Rebecca, her name just popped in my head and then the board confirmed it was her, I know it sounds ridiculous, but you weren't there.”

“Something horrible happened that night, all the lights in the cafe went out, everyone started screaming. One of the waitresses was horribly burnt, and Jay died. I think we spoke to Rebecca and she got out of the board, now I brought her back here to the house with me, she's angry and wants something but I don't know what it

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