Personal Characteristics Of A Leader Essay

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Personal Characteristics
To be a leader, you have to be good at leading someone or a group, and I am. I am a confident individual who is easily able to make decisions even in a short period of time. Another key reason to why I’m a leader is that I am responsible for everything I do and if I make a mistake, which is rarely, I will own up to it. When I I’m making a decision or leading a group or project, I plan out everything from start to finish. Getting all the materials or research needed and composing an excellent result is an expertise for me. While growing up, you needed to show respect and be self-disciplined and or independent because if you’re following a group who is constantly disobedient, then you will get in some serious trouble. My schedule is flexible to some extinct. I am open days a week but not on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have matters I attend but this will be stop soon. Although I do not read business publications, I do have knowledge in it due to my oldest brother and sister have degrees in this field. My computer skills are advanced and has been learning a little more over the past year. I might not be so good in typing but I am being taught and still can type pretty fast with my two fingers. In everything I do, I make sure it is done properly and flawless because I’m not going to do or turn in anything if it is not completed.

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