Personal Narrative: My Personal Character

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I am not finished becoming the individual that I will one day be. In this past year, my personal character has developed exponentially and particular traits and strengths of my character have become evident. My first year of college taught me more about myself than the entirety of my youth had previously taught me. It taught me that given any task or challenge, if I put my mind to it and commit myself, I possess the work-ethic and persistence to perform whatever it takes to accomplish the task and the creativity to find new and unique methods of success. A specific example which exemplifies these strengths of my character comes from my body of work in a macroeconomics class that I took in my freshman year at the University of Minnesota.
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I decided to become insanely meticulous with my note-taking and began a long process for every chapter. Each class period would cover one entire chapter and sometimes two. In class I would take notes on what the professor had prepared, then I would go to my dorm after class and read the entire chapter from the textbook and add anything I believed to be important. I would then copy my notes from my spiral notebook to my computer simply to reinforce them. I also decided I needed to look for outside sources besides just my professor and textbook. So I went online to Khan Academy and learned from the instructional videos by the great educator Salman Khan. My hard work was producing better results and I battled my way to a B+ in the class before the final …show more content…
After I realized it was still possible, I was not going to be denied. I studied for that test for two weeks straight, staying up until 3am on several occasions. I was going to give everything I had so that if I failed I would not be able to look back and regret not trying harder. I felt confident after the exam but still not certain. When I got my score two weeks later I got a 91.6%... 0.4% above what I needed… I had done it… but just barely! That proved to me that all the extra effort I had exerted was entirely necessary because if I had not given it my all I surely would not have earned an A in the

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