Performing Art Vs Visual Art Essay

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All art forms are important to a culture because the music, the sculptures, the paintings, etc., all help form and differentiate each culture from another. Therefore, I disagree with the statement that visual artists are more important to a culture than performing artists because they create permanent work of art because both works of art can cause people to reflect on their lives, can bring enjoyment, and both can allow people to experience and interpret the art in their own way. It shouldn’t matter whether or not something is permanent because it still affects a culture. In the first place, visual and performing arts caused people to reflect on their lives. From personal experience, there are some songs that can affect me. In the visual …show more content…
Paintings, sculptures, drawings and so on just by seeing something visual can make someone feel good. The same may happen with the performance arts. After someone sees a play or Broadway show that was a comedy can make someone laugh or just generally feel happy. For example, when I saw the show I remember feeling so happy and filled with joy after it was over. All the music brought me so much joy and I couldn’t shake that feeling for the next few hours.
Lastly, both visual and performing arts can allow people to experience and interpret the art. People have the choice of whether they are going to interpret art in a negative or positive way. With this in mind, when watching the production of RENT you can interpret it in a negative way like how sad it is that there are people suffering with HIV/AIDS or you can take it in a positive way that it’s important to spread awareness on the topic. You can also take inspiration from different types of art. It can be as simple as aspiring to create art, whether its music, sculpture, or a painting.
In conclusion, it is important that all types of art are respected and given the credit for adding to each culture and being important. With this in mind, I disagree that visual art is more important than performing art because it can help people reflect on their life, give people joy, and let people interpret the art and feel different emotions because of

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