Performing Art Education Center Essay

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Chapter: one
1.1. Introduction:
Performing art education centre works for cultural activities and performing art education both formally and informally for both children and adults, the planning of the centre needs to be done with all levels of people in all ages keeping in mind. The purpose of any performing art education school facilities is to create an environment which can provide the teaching and learning process and recreation appropriate for people in all ages. Performing art represents the culture and tradition of the country and nation, therefore the education centre also should represent the culture and the tradition of the country. Besides the classrooms, teachers and
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The education programme and strategy can influence the planning of the education centers.
For example, the edition of new subjects or cultural activities to the education programs and introduction new instruments and modern equipments in the classes and workshops require the change in the planning of the education building. Moreover, the introduction of new recreational activities within the program demands the changes and addition in the existing structure. Economy will determine the extent of modern methods, equipments and teaching techniques, method of materials used, type of construction and the need for standardization. The climate will determine and influence the form and character of the building architecture.
The performing art education centers in Bangladesh should satisfy the cultural aspiration and needs and create interest on performing art and culture, social improvements among the students. With the change of economy and time, the individual locality may demand the addition of local traditional performing art, activities, techniques, methods and functions relevant to the requirement of the locality. With present economic condition, Bangladesh cannot build performing art education centers everywhere within short span of time, therefore, the structure should also be adaptable to the changing needs of time. A performing art education center is much more than an educational institution where children and adults

Performing art education

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