Essay on Performance Evaluation Of Colbert City School System

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I have been selected to conduct a performance evaluation on Colbert City School System. This is a school system located in the county of Close, South Carolina which is one of South Carolina largest and richest county. It has been said that there is some corruption going on within the school system and that a large amount of money has been come up missing on several occasions. Therefore, it is my job to evaluate the situation and find out if in fact there is someone taking the money or a number of people involved in the corruption. Rather than evaluate just the Superintendent’s office I will evaluate all of the schools as well to ensure that the evaluation is thorough and done correctly.
Now it is the job of the Colbert City School System to educate the children of Close, South Carolina as well as provide them with activities to do after school. These activities include but are not limited to High School Football, Middle School Football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and track and field. Therefore, it gives the kid’s programs to participate in throughout the school year as well as give their parents and the public something to do on the weekend. Furthermore, all of these activities bring in a lot of public revenue to the school system to use to support the schools and the students.
It has been notice by some county official that the school board has been asking the county if the can help fund the school activities programs because their budget is not able…

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