Perception in Organizational Behaviour Essay

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Perception can be defined as a process by which individuals select, organize and interpret their sensory impressions, so as to give meaning to their environment. Perception is a complex cognitive process and differs from person to person. People's behavior is influenced by their perception of reality, rather than the actual reality.

In comparison to sensation, perception is a much broader concept. Sensation involves simply receiving stimuli through sensory organs, whereas the process of perception involves receiving raw data from the senses and then filtering, modifying or transforming the data completely through the process of cognition. The processes of perception consist of various subprocesses such as confrontation, registration,
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This is called the principle of closure. Sometimes people tend to think only in a particular direction. This is called principle of continuity. It may also happen that people may group the stimuli based on their proximity and similarity.

According to principle of perceptual constancy, there are some things which are perceived alike by all people, irrespective of the

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