Conflict Between Nurse Practitioner And Wound Care Nurse

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Critique: Module 6

The scenario described by Group 3 discusses the direct conflict between a nurse practitioner and a wound nurse wherein the nurse practitioner expresses negative comments about the wound care nurse. Also involved in the conflict is the patient who is involuntarily involved, and the leader who has stepped in to mediate the conflict. Group 3 identifies the nurse practitioner calling the wound nurse incompetent when speaking to the patient as the issue that requires conflict resolution. Group 3 describes these comments from the nurse practitioner to the patient as lateral bullying because these types of comments damage another’s reputation and decrease moral. Additionally, these comments prompt the patient to experience doubt
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The discussion by group 3 demonstrates a focus on a short-term goal of collaboration between the nurses which enables the conflict participants to work out their differences and can clearly be identified as transactional. Conversely, the transformational leader places a greater emphasis on developing the work team toward a personal vision of workplace civility (Hutchinson & Hurley, 2013). In consideration, the short-term goal to find a quick solution in solving a grievance and viewing the conflict as a personality conflict can cause further victimization toward those who report bullying to the manager (Hutchinson & Hurley, 2013). In the discussion involving the conflict between the nurse practitioner and wound care nurse, transformation leadership is demonstrated during the intervention where the staff is educated and coached on the zero tolerance for work place bullying, and their personal accountability (Sahu & Pathadikar, 2015). It is an example of management of attention where key issues are clearly communicated to the staff on the importance of civility at the workplace (Sahu & Pathadikar, 2015). Additionally, the transformational leader has the ability to educate and coach the meaning of accountability and one’s capability in civil behavior (Sahu & Patadikar, …show more content…
There were some instances that may have made the paper initially start out stronger; for example, the first sentence is the paper started with “according to.” Starting out with the subject is effective, while citing you source at the end of the sentence (Purdue Owl, 2017). Additionally, throughout the paper, citations started out at the beginning of the sentence, with a focus on the resource instead of the subject (Purdue Owl, 2017)


Transformational leaders inspire work teams (Crowell, 2016). Two considerations to first strengthen success in preventing conflict in the workplace is to demonstrate the idealized influence by being a role model (Crowell, 2016). Second, is to share a vision of a civility and a kind workplace (Crowell, 2016). To move away from transactional leadership style of the management handling the bullying conflict between the perpetrator and the victim, the transformation leaders’ model generosity and consideration of others, which inspires civility (Crowell,

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