Pepsico Case Analysis

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Register to read the introduction… PepsiCo has set goals in four key areas: performance, human sustainability, environmental sustainability and talent sustainability. Performance - to all their investors, it is a promise to strive to deliver superior, sustainable financial performance. Human sustainability - to the people of the world, it is a promise to encourage people to live healthier by offering a portfolio of both enjoyable and healthier foods and beverages. Environmental sustainability - to the planet we all share, it is a promise to be a good citizen of the world, protecting the Earth’s natural resources through innovation and more efficient use of land, energy, water and packaging in their operations. Talent sustainability - to the associates of PepsiCo, it is a promise to invest in their associates to help them succeed and develop the skills needed to drive the company’s growth, while creating employment opportunities in the communities they serve. With these four areas as their guide, PepsiCo is strategically transforming itself for success in a changing global environment. Each of these areas reflects what the mission statement represents: consumers, investors, employees and the community. They are the link to the goals and the …show more content…
PepsiCo is committed to Performance with Purpose. This means doing business the right way: operating responsibly with integrity and with high ethical standards. Their worldwide code of conduct embodies those principles. It is PepsiCo's statement of how they expect their employees to do business. The code of conduct provides guidance for dealing with other employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the public and competitors in an ethical and appropriate manner.
The code of conduct, by its very nature, cannot describe every possible situation that their employees may experience. What it does provide is the foundation for the purpose behind their performance. It is available is 42 languages. At PepsiCo, they have a Speak Up hotline, which provides associates, consumers, business partners and others with a means to report potential violations of the PepsiCo Code of Conduct, their policies or of applicable law. In addition to the information just presented, the six guiding principles they follow to uphold their commitment help me to arrive at this

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