Essay about Pepsi Of Coca Cola Company

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Coca-Cola is a company that has successfully put their name at the forefront of their market. When one thinks of a beverage, “Coke” is usually one of the first beverages that pops into our heads. In some parts of the country, the word coke has become synonymous with words like pop and soda. While one might assume that this would be beneficial, it actually causes a problem for the Coca-Cola company. When this phenomenon occurs, the unique, house-hold name of a product ceases to be unique. They do not want the name of their product to be associated with anything other than Coke itself. In an effort to reestablish the brand name with their product, Coca-Cola asks their viewers to look back and see all the times that Coke has been present in their memories. In their Super Bowl commercial, “Brotherly Love”, Coca-Cola uses the rhetorical mode Pathos, which entails tying into the consumer’s emotions, to market their product as being a constant in a life filled with memories and change: Coke has always been there.
The commercial begins by showing a young boy in a red baseball cap intently playing video games with a Coke sitting on the table. Then, an older, very similar looking boy comes into the room and approaches the younger boy. He then pushes the bill of the boy’s cap down over his eyes. The young boy quickly fixes his hat, and then shoves the older boy away. Undeterred, the older boy pushes the cap down again and walks away, laughing, leaving the younger boy with an…

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