Essay about People 's Public Enemy Obesity

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People’s Public Enemy—Obesity
Having a healthy diet or not? “Yes! I have enough nutrition every day.” “Sure, my personal nutritionist decides a good daily diet for me, and I am always following it.” “Even though I fail to get enough nutrition sometimes, I can eat some supplements to supply for what my body lacks.” These are some common answers from Americans nowadays. They concern about health issues, and try different ways to have a healthy diet. They seem to be healthy with the help of technology, nutrition and medicine. But do people really eat a healthy diet? They have money to afford many foods with different nutrition. They want to get nutrition as much as possible; however, over eating may cause a new unhealthy problem—obesity. What is obesity? In the online article “Obesity in America: Facts and Statistics,” the author states: “what is obesity? In simple terms, obesity means having too much excess body fat. It is a weight classification beyond being overweight.” To be specific, there more choices for eating nowadays, which cause people to degrade their health. According to the research, obesity is regarded as a public enemy existing in American society that has negative effects on people’s health, so we must address both youth and adults to solve the obesity problem. Based on the research, obesity has become a serious problem among most Americans. Obviously, more and more Americans are changing their diets for losing weight. Also, it is easy to find out…

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