Essay on People Of West African Origin

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those of immigrant populations such as people of West African origin. Thus, according to Ndoro and Marimirofa (ibid) the problem of dementia in the UK is likely to grow significantly. The same will apply to people of West African origin who are now living longer and not returning to their countries of origin. Citing Ratcliffe (1997), Ndoro and Marimirofa define ethnicity as ‘a communal sense of attachment to the past, sometimes expressed as memories of a shared past.’ Thus ethnicity involves a common ancestry, aspects of kinship, religion, language, shared territory, and nationality or physical appearance. Ndoro and Marimirofa (ibid) observe that in London there is a concentration of UK black Africans in the more deprived parts of the city. They also note that there is a mismatch between the population and the distribution of services. The suggestion here seems to be that we look at reasons other than those of mere minority ethnicity to explain poor access to and use of available dementia services. The politics of social and economic factors would appear to play a role in the situation. This, of course is not to deny the impact of ignorance or lack of information as well as culture, tradition and religion.

The seven studies involved a wide variety of participants from carers and sufferers of dementia. The participants were West African, Chinese and Vietnamese, but also included culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in Australia and the new communities…

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