Peer Pressure On Individual Decision Making Essay

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Peer Pressure: Peer pressure effects on individual decision making. Therefore, it influenced the jurors to think for themselves. For example, juror number two was easily swayed by opinions of others. He had no confidence in himself and his own beliefs. Except for juror number eight, peer pressure impaired their judgment. Based on his maturity level it indicated that the greatest differences are found in juror number eight and three. Once juror (Jack) changed his vote from guilty to not guilty only because the rest of them eventually voted not guilty also. It showed many times that the several jurors changed their minds from not guilty to guilty and vice versa under peer pressure, and overpowering of the strong willed ones.

Juror number eight tried to feel how it was like for the young adult to be pushed around by his own dad and grow up in the conditions that he may have had better opportunities and better circumstances. He tried to make sense of the boy’s circumstances by thinking empathetically. Often, he was found listening actively to everyone’s response to different point views, which showed his empathic side. For some of the other jurors, simply knowing that the boy lived in such a neighborhood , therefore, he was a murder.

This examines the difference between being empathetic, or not. However if all the circumstances are viewed, empathy with that party further solidifies this choice. Hence, it will be suggested that empathy is not neutral to judgment…

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