Pearl Continental Hotel Case Study

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Pearl Continental Hotel
Pearl Continental Hotel is a hotel chain in Pakistan. It is owned and operated by Hashoo Group, which also owns Hotel One, a chain of budget hotels as well as Marriott Hotels in Islamabad and Karachi. When Hashoo Group acquired Pakistan Services Limited in 1958 it changed its name to Pearl Continental Hotel. It has properties in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Faisalabad, Karachi, Peshawar, Gwadar, Muzaffarabad and Bhurban. The Pearl Continental has honored of hosting famous personalities like Nelson Mandela, Queen Elizabeth II, King Hussain and other world leaders and royalty. This has become the oldest and largest five star hotel chain in Pakistan.
“Our mission is to be the hotel recognized as the
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A flexible and dynamic model is used in which top management takes their time in decision making and they evaluate and explore all possible alternatives before choosing an economical solution. Programmed decisions are made by both top and lower management with proper discussion with lower level managers while the daily routine decisions are made by line managers at the middle level with the prior approval from the general manager. A manager of a department can take steps to make small plans but the plans should not be affecting much to the department and should not be contrary to organization’s …show more content…
 In case of emergency instant meetings are held in the hotel.
 Internal problems of employee’s is solved by mutual cooperation and understanding.
• In my point of view Pearl Continental Hotel should have its own book of labor-intensive in which authorities and functions regarding to description and designation will be clearly described. This would result in democratic and self-governing type of management.
• Company policies shall be clearly defined and planned which result incompetent management and progress over the night.
• Balanced and appropriate rates for rooms and food items hall be charged. Keeping in consideration the other competitors in the hotel industry like
 Holiday inn
 Avari Lahore
 Ambassador
• Low-level workers should be prejudiced and influenced by high level management for better results.
• There should be formal appraisal form for all employees’ following the reward scheme.
• There should be improvement in the layout and design of some offices.
• The travel guides should always be prearranging for all type of visitors even foreign

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