Case Study Of Helidony Hotel

Due to the fact that “Helidony” is innovative independent hotel main challenges that the property going to face are connected to the creation of brand awareness and loyalty among guests, financial and marketing risk also should be considered, the same as proper management, competition and dealing with suppliers.
No matter the profile of a business a strong marketing strategy is a critical factor for building a brand, maintaining customer loyalty and attracting new clients and in this case hospitality industry do not differentiate from others. Customer loyalty is a key factor to success, thus, a lot of time and resources must be spent in order to build brand awareness, the same as creating and establishing ongoing and interconnected campaigns.
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Consequently, if the marketing campaign won’t be efficient in attracting customer’s hotel might face substantial financial loss and considering the fact that first few years’ hotels usually have no guaranteed income it is a high financial risk of not getting a return on investment. ROI is a metrics that measure the gain or loss generated on an investment related to the amount of money invested (Enz, 2009). Also, building up brand awareness from scratch without corporate office providing any kind of system support such as reservation system or a global sales network is a time-consuming task. (Kompella, 2014)
In order to avoid those financial problems and on the contrary to build awareness and recognition “Helidony” should develop a solid branding strategy that will combine digital marketing, social media, and leading PR agents. Instead of investing in old marketing tools hotel should research among new ones and later choose the best-suited option. For instance, around 60% of travel companies benefit from using Instagram as a marketing tool because through it they can easily connect with millennials and showcase highly visual material (Kotler,
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Nowadays, marketing expanded online, and also it’s segmented, has multi-channels and globally reached through websites, emails, online travel agencies, social media, mobile apps and sites. However, when an independent hotel desire to achieve success in the long-term period within today’s digital world, they have to be educated enough about modern marketing tools, technics and tactics, including knowledge about how to develop strategies to efficiently attract guests, boost revenues and lead profits to the bottom line (Bowie et al., 2016). In this way, the first step will be the identification of the most useful channels which will bring branding opportunities for the hotel. Even though Helidony hotel mostly targeting the business travellers and local citizens usage of Instagram, Pinterest and other new channels for an advertisement are essential because not only millennial nowadays are tech savvy but the elder generation especially business travellers know technology and use social media on a daily basis as much as

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