Patient Satisfaction Research Essay

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Running Head: Patient Satisfaction Research

Conduct and use of Patient Satisfaction Research in Health Care


The purpose of this paper is to gain an understanding of Patient Satisfaction Research in health care. By understanding the definition of patient satisfaction as well the use of patient satisfaction surveys in health care, others will be able to comprehend how managers of Health Care Organizations use the scores to improve the quality of care in their organization. After defining patient satisfaction research, then the question will be answered on how patient satisfaction surveys are used in health care, what influences patient satisfaction, how these surveys and
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Therefore, the definition of patient satisfaction research would be the idea that the patient is satisfied with the quality of care they receive by a healthcare provider or organization and the idea that health service organizations can gain from the patient’s experience. Patient satisfaction surveys have become the main way that healthcare providers and organizations obtain a patient’s view of their healthcare experience.
Use of Patient Satisfaction Surveys in Health Care Patient satisfaction surveys serve as one of the ways HSO’s see how their quality of care is provided to patients on a daily basis. Many use the patient satisfaction survey for quality assurance purposes in order to assess how well the HSO is providing services. To be able to satisfy the patient/customer is the best business practice for any HSO. There are many statistical measures that are used to evaluate health care quality. Statistical data from patient satisfaction research is used within HSO’s in order to show improvement in departments that handle patient care. There has been some difference in opinion when it comes to how patient satisfaction research is handled. Some believe that this type of research isn’t valid due to different types of questioning that can be asked in a survey. Many researchers depend on different characteristics in a survey. For example, in the case study done by Hasin (2001), they identified the patient’s characteristics, the

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