Beauty In Fitness Advertising

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To begin with, this fitness advertisement evokes the feeling of guilt for the viewer, hence provoking a belief or feeling of unconfidence within themselves or their bodies. On a daily basis, both men and women are pressured to look, speak, and act a certain way. For example, the media uses Ethos to establish credibility in the consumer and lure them into believing that individuals are not deemed worthy on their appearance. Constantly, we see the portrayal of this; whenever the TV is on, always, there is an advertisement about the new machines one can use to lose weight, teas one can drink to speed up an individual’s metabolism, and clinics recommended to “perfect your image.” Through the use of Ethos, Logos and Pathos, the media is able to …show more content…
By definition, beauty is the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. Correspondingly, if one were to ask someone what society defines as beauty, a possible reference would be a celebrity the general public praises such as one on the cover of a popular magazine. There are multiple ways of interpreting this question; however, many do not acknowledge the fact that true beauty is not what lies on the skin, but what lies beneath. Frequently, when asking someone to describe the perfect person, often they go directly into speaking about what they desire their partners to look like. Without a doubt, physical appearances may be captivating now, but, on the contrast, external beauty will not last forever. Youth doesn’t last forever; however, people believe that the only way to reaching perfection is by being flawless, that is, for instance, the human face to look a certain way or to have wrinkle-free skin. The stereotype that all women should have perky breasts and no stretch marks or cellulite is due to media influence, moreover, females are not the only ones to receive these impulsions, men too feel obligated to have a toned abdominal area, be tall, and have colored eyes. Under most circumstances, the problem with these demands is that it is impossible to obtain these results. Creating these false illusions will not allow us to be buoyant to the extent that you will be unaware of what true beauty was, the beauty that should be loved is that kept in someone’s mind, and

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