Summary: Poverty Among Restaurant Workers

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For many unskilled and undocumented immigrants their only option for a job is to work in a restaurant. They work as hard or even harder than other workers and get half the pay with horrible conditions. This is because most of them do not know English. Many of these restaurant workers excel at what they do, but they get verbally abused by their bosses. In response to this Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health was created. Members of MassCOSH helped identify abusive workplaces to prevent fellow members from working there.
The author of this article on many occasions uses ethos, one example is when the author uses Jonny Arevalo is a believable person because he has "worked at several Boston restaurants, including Bennigan
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The least that the restaurants should do is to improve the working conditions this the extra profit that they are getting.
According to the article, it states that “The 13 million-plus restaurant workers in the United States face a poverty rate that is nearly three times that of the rest of the country’s workforce…” Even though the business creates a lot of revenue; most of its worker face poverty. Since most of these workers have to support a family of multiple children, it is very hard to comply with children’s’ needs.
This article includes a great example of logos by including the research done by MIT, “the minimum income someone needs to live adequately given costs of living – at $12.65 for a single adult and $22.40 for a family of four.” After comparing this piece of data with previous data, it clearly proves that many restaurant workers face poverty due to the lack of payment. This is also true because many of these families have more than four

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