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HTM 3203– HOSPITALITY HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT GROUP PROJECT OBJECTIVE The purpose of this group assignment is to broaden the scope of the course beyond information contained in the text by providing you an opportunity to apply your own ideas and experiences. The project is also a means for evaluating the group’s analytical ability, creative thinking and judgment in the presentation of answers. ASSIGNMENT You will work in small groups of 5 or 6 individuals. Your group assignment involves identifying ONE problem related to Human Resource Management faced by a hospitality or tourism organization. The problem must be based on the actual experience of your small group member(s). In order to identify the problem, your group members may also …show more content…
2. Executive Summary. The executive summary should summarize the discussion or analysis of the problem and then focus on the key recommendations. The executive summary should not be more than 300 words and should be written last, once your group has written the report. 3. Problem Statement. This part of the report should clearly explain the problem that needs to be solved and the related topic in human resource management. 4. Analysis or Discussion. This part of the report should analyze the problem in terms of: what caused the problem, who are the individuals/parties involved, when it happened, where happened and how it happened. The explanation in this section should be linked to the human resource management concepts and/or theories that are relevant to the problem being analyzed. 5. Alternative actions. This part of the report presents the reasonable alternative actions to tackle or solve the problem. 6. Recommended solution/action. This part presents the strengths and weaknesses of each alternative action. Finally, the most suitable alternative action(s) should be selected as the recommended solution(s) and carefully justified. 7. Implementation plan. This part states how, where, when and by whom the recommended solution(s) will be implemented. How the problem will be prevented in the future should also be explained here. 8. References. All references used in writing your report should be acknowledged. 9. Exhibits/Appendices. This part of the report

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