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The most exquisite invension in the world, an awesome italian coucine fast and delicuious made with cheese and sauce alse named pizza. It has been seen for the first time on 10th century, in central Italy. After some varieties, in Naples, has been perfectioned and converted in the modern pizza that today is popular.
The pizza is made of dough and also need salt, sugar, yeast and water. All it mixed creates an elastic dough that can be molded in many different shapes, usually is a round, square, or a rectangle. That can be cuttet in triangles or small squares and also in some cases like February fourtenn can be an un usual shape like a heart with some m&m writing the name of the loved person for san valentines day.
The dough is a little yellow,
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After the sauce, is added cheese creating a Cheese Pizza or a Margarita Pizza. Depending on the place is called different. Is the most simple and traditional pizza in the world.If the sauce and the cheese is good everything is fine.
After the two main ingredients is time to be creative, depending of the taste, and what the people likes. The pizza could be cooked with chicken, meat, pineapple, jam, mushroom, pork, peppers and many other ingredients as the imagination can make.
Talking about preferences, exist people that add cheese to the border making an extravagant taste and it includes a special mix with melted butter and garlic. In other hands, there are people who does not like the border and eat pizza without it.
When the ingredients are in top is time to cook it. There are two ways to cook a pizza, the first and the most common is in oven and the second one is with firewood. The second is in a special developed oven with stone bricks that usually can be founded on spencive restaurants an it makes an exquisite flavor in to the pizza that usually people likes
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With a romantic style with candles and soft piano music.
Another experience contrasting the above idea was a simple pizza deliver. I usually ask for Hawaian pizza that is made, jam, pine apple and extra mozarella cheese , with toasted parmesan border with a sprincle of natural parmesan toasted. Wich is an explosive flavor that makes anyone happy.
One important thing to accompany pizza is a good soda or wine, I usually ask for coke or pepsi to eat at home or a pinot noir in a fancy place. ,any people think that water is better. Probably choosing a soda is not the most healthy combination but it makes an awesome tasy mix that somehow blows your mind and take it to another world making a different moment for everyone that eat it. Also I could say because my own experience, that mix can relax from stress a little bit. And I can add this idea because when I am stressed for having a lot of things to do or schooI studies, I use to order this combination and take a break. After that, I feel renewed and my labor can be

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