Paradox Of Technology

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We are no longer living in the dark ages but the new millennia where technology is the growing trend among the human life. For me and for others like me argues that technology does contribute to the betterment of the human life by making us smarter and it can also cause someone to become lazy depending on who is using it. The implementation of how people depends more on technology indicates that technology is making some people lazy and at the same time technology saves lives through how it is being used to help sustain human life. We can only determine what technology means to human life by the quality of life that an individual illustrates through their interaction with technology. The paradox of technology is that it plays two roles …show more content…
For example, the way Gelernter explains, “The idea of multimedia is to combine text, and pictures in a single package that you browse, listen to songs, view Elizabethan buildings” (104). Computers enable hundreds of book to be store in its system which is accessible at the student grasp. In addition, Gelernter also stresses the importance, “There’s no denying that computers have potential to perform inspiring feats in the classroom” (106). Computers help student to learn and obtain more information easily. The expansion of education through technology making learning style become versatile to the students. The adoption of education allowed students to connect via skype with other students who live in another country in return exposes student’s other cultures. Technology has made impact on education and many practioners like Gelernter argues that, “Computer should be schools. They have the potential to accomplish great things” (104). Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help increase student achievements. The fundamental concept of education is that it is being influenced strongly by technology in today’s society. It allows student to explore limitless boundaries through various spectrum of society. The notion that google is making us stupid because sometimes the information that is given by google online searches is not always

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