P6 - Discuss Methods of Continuing Professional Development and Training Relevant to the Career Plan.

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Induction training is training given to new employees. The purpose of the induction training (which may be a few hours or a few days) is to help a new employee settle down quickly into the job by becoming familiar with the people, the surroundings, the job and the business. It is important to give a new employee a good impression on the first day of work. However, the induction programme should not end there. It is also important to have a systematic induction programme, spread out over several days, to cover all the aspects in the shortest effective time. The advantages of induction training are that they are cost-effective and to have the opportunity to learn whilst doing training alongside real colleagues. The disadvantages of induction …show more content…
The disadvantage of this is that it may be expensive to pay for the training.
Coaching is a one to one relationship and is very beneficial as it helps the individual accomplish their aims and objectives. Not only they would be able to learn but their level of performance would enhance. The advantage of this is that coaching is quicker rather than grouped training as the trainer would be focused on the employee(one to one) and can learn much quicker. The disadvantage of this is that the coach may not have someone at a higher rank so that means they may not be able to seek any advice.
Shadowing is a training procedure which is used by businesses designed for new employees. It’s when a professional from a particular field carries out the duties and responsibilities the roles consist of. The advantage of this is that the person looking at how the professional handles the tasks, they would be able to receive valuable information from them straight away. The disadvantage is that the user may not perform to the best of their ability knowing that they are being monitored at whilst working and panicking.
E- Learning is a technology which allows individuals to be able to learn when it would be most convenient and suitable for them. This consists of not only providing training, but information as well as direction from specialists. It’s an organization for people who are different methods of learning and different times; this is where E- learning delivers different

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